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Crayon Case | Homecoming Queen

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April 2023

Homecoming Queen was not an official project with Crayon Case Cosmetics and is not their new collection —just an idea I had when Supa shared a post a while back saying she needed to find reliable graphic designers and was in need of one to get their new collection launched.
I was def behind in messaging her, but I designed and branded this, really quickly on my own to possibly stand out when I messaged her.
I loved this idea. Crayon Case Cosmetics is a beauty brand that draws its inspo from themes surrounding school, so I came up with "Homecoming Queen", with the leading palette being "The playbook"--leaning more toward the college side of school and "HOCO" season.
This includes all original branding, product & packaging design & other branding elements. The logo I illustrated initially was off so I revised it.
Lol I don't know much about football, but the creative possibilities are soo endless with this genius brand combining the theme of the classroom and beauty.

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