Hi! I’m Shani Aisha. And this is Three Sugars Creative I am a deeply-passionate and innovative graphic designer, illustrator and visual problem-solver from Chicago.

Even in my own personal time, I love creating and making art of everything. Three Sugars Creative is where I like to think of myself as a creative confectioner—baking up beautiful experiences and the sweetest logos, branding and designs by meeting the needs of businesses locally and all over the world.

This is me

Highly-skilled, task-oriented and creative designer with 10+ years experience in design, digital design, social media content creation, web graphics, email marketing design, digital marketing design, designing for the web and more. I am a highly-punctual and exceptional team player in that I take direction well and successfully collaborate with others.

I pride myself in having great integrity, well-developed design skills, written communication skills and abilities along with being an adept artist, designer and problem-solver. I am deeply passionate about having a good plan, process, being organized and coming up with innovative ideas.

Content Creation  Design 
Campaign Design  Adobe Creative Suite

 Branding   Social Media Design Typography

Events Design    Digital Design  

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"Lyrics & Lettering" 

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I help transform ideas
into tangible things, moments and experiences through design. 

"Teach Our Children" Rebrand

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